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Barbara Godin received her B.A. from Athabasca University, Edmonton, Alberta. She began writing her popular "Dear Barb" column in 2003 and continues to the present.

In 2019 Barbara won the first place award in a short article contest from the prestigious Professional Writer's Association of Canada (PWAC) for Mary's Story.

Barbara lives in Chatham, Ontario Canada, with her husband Stan and dog Suzie. She continues to write columns and short stories, and one day hopes to publish her autobiography.

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Dear Barb:
Answers to Your Everyday Questions

Dear Barb
Do you sometimes feel like you need a second opinion, but you don't want to tell anyone what's going on in your life?  "Dear Barb: Answers to Your Everyday Questions" provides a common sense approach to dealing with many of the issues of daily life.  For example, Dana is intimately involved with both of her roommates and her ex-boyfriend wants to reconcile, what does she do? Patty doesn't know what to do since she feels she's in a marriage of three? Jessica's mom is downsizing and wants Jessica to take all her stuff, Jessica doesn't want her mom's stuff, how does she tell her mom without hurting her feelings? Big Red wants to know if it's all right to watch porn. Pat put his dog down and now he has second thoughts about whether he made the right decision.  Melinda lost her younger brother to cancer and doesn't know how to move on without him. These are some of the questions included in "Dear Barb: Answers to your Everyday Questions." 

Barbara Godin has been answering questions since 2003 when she responded to a call for an advice columnist for The Voice Magazine.  Barbara submitted a sample column and was chosen as the new advice columnist.  Barbara had always been the" go to person" for her friends. A difficult life provided her with the experience to be able to write over 500 Dear Barb columns and ultimately create a book that everyone can relate to.

Book review: Dear Barb Continues Advice Tradition in Book Format 

Amazon book review: 5 out of 5 stars:
Loved it! I read this book in one sitting and thoroughly enjoyed it. Barb Godin gives sound advice, and in a gentle and respectful way. I admired the way she acknowledged the inquirer’s challenge first, and then provided practical, doable advice. You can tell she’s a very caring person – not to mention wise! I recommend Dear Barb to anyone who enjoys reading advice columns, or is looking for advice on families, dating, relationships, loss, addiction and so much more – even the COVID pandemic.

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Glimpses in Time:
Collection of Memoirs and More

Glimpses In Time

We all have moments, memories that stay with us and are easily triggered by a word, a song, or a familiar smell. These brief instances and recollections take us to another time, perhaps a happy time or maybe a sad time.

Part 1 of Glimpses in Time is a collection of 25 of these moments which may possibly bring you back to your own unforgettable moments.

Part 2 includes a few works of fiction. These stories could have been grabbed from the headlines of your daily newspaper or crime show. Also included in Part 2 is some easy reading poetry, which includes feelings and situations that help us to connect to one another.

Part 3 moves in a totally new direction and takes the reader into the first chapter of Barbara Godin's   unpublished autobiography. Can I Come Home now?  an intense and moving story of a dysfunctional family living through the fifties and sixties. The story is told as seen through the eyes of an abandoned and abused young girl who survived, and was ultimately able to overcome the scars of her past.

Glimpses in Time is a relatable story as we have all experienced the pain of loss and the victory of overcoming.

Book reviewHeartfelt and Inspirational - The Voice

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